What is Hygge?


Hygge is taking the world by storm, and I have to say it is a beautiful thing.  My mum thinks it is a fad and that it will die out at some point, and it may very well die, but the concept will not.

So what is hygge?

Hygge is an art.  It is a practice and a habit.  A good one.

Hygge is building a place of sanctuary and community, one that is laced with hospitality,  closeness and aliveness.

Hygge is paying attention to and learning what makes us feel alive and whole.

Hygge is making a space for well-being to become a reality.

Hygge is belonging to something good and beautiful, something that is bigger than us.

Hygge is being in the moment and being with each other in the moment.

Hygge is being in the everyday.

Hygge is being able to recognize a moment as good, sweet and beautiful.

Hygge is having a cozy meal with friends, lighting a candle in the evening or making a quiet ritual of your morning cuppa-hotness.

Hygge is whatever brings you quiet, joy and warmth.

And hygge is pronounced “hue-gah” with a breathy “hue”.  It kind of sounds like a foghorn when pronounced correctly… 😉