Hi!  I’m so happy you’ve found my website/blog, ourhouseofhygge, and I’d like to be the first to welcome you to my community!

Version 2

I am a violin teacher and freelancing performer by day (and sometimes night too!), but my side hustle is this blog.  I am passionate about violin pedagogy and teaching kiddies to play the violin and viola, as well as creating interest in classical performance.

I also love Jesus and all that he brings to my life!  I live with my husband Tom and our cat Leonard in Toronto, and we love to serve our church, Wellspring Worship Centre.  When I’m not teaching, playing or writing, I love to watch endless reruns of The Office and Friends, knit, work-out with Tom, draw lovely things and waste evenings on Pinterest!

My dream is to create an environment and community that functions as a table around which all can gather at to eat, drink and be like family to one another.  This blog is a small way I am doing my best to help that come to fruition.  Beauty, community, sustainability, accountability and faith are rolled into one, under many different blog posts here, and I hope that at the very least, ourhouseofhygge lights a spark in at least one life to change this world into a more beautiful, Christ-centred place.

Will you join me as we gather together to fulfill Christ’s kingdom here on earth?